Thursday, December 21, 2006

Getting ready for Christmas

So one more day to go, of our 10th year at ai, my 34th year on the earth (my birthday tomorrow) and breaking up for Christmas.

Matt is off to Cornwall to visit friends and family, I'm going to celebrate my birthday for a couple of days then go home to London and we are just tidying things up all round.

Me and Matt will keep blogging over Christmas, send photos of drunk uncles and walks in the forest, and on the beach for Matt.

project updates...
The Equal project is nearly all filmed, just Bhanu's last bit of filming to be done in the New Year, then Jim will do the editing and we will put everything onto the mobile phones so that can be seen on location around Leicester.

Dreaming of the Future is finally finished... the project that never ends. Well thats web projects for you. The prize is a book from Cambridge University Press and the game is to find clues in a room in a tower in the old press building in cambridge, and keep watch for the ghost. It is there, and it keeps messing with teh camera and getting up to all sorts, watch the video to find out more.

Love City is beginning to take shape. We need people to help us build it. TEXT 07785 200 350 to sign up. Fall in love with a stranger. Create a new world.

The most exciting thing is on the cards for next year, still to be confirmed but it looks like we may be going to the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco with Hewlett Packard in March next year... we will keep you posted...

So i've got presents to finish making and wrapping, and projects to finish off... but we will keep the BLOG updated with a varying degress of sobriety until the new year.

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