Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shimoda bichi(beach)

Today we did the classic tourist thing of going to the beach after sorting out a slightly dodgy hotel for tonight and havig breakfast. Rachel had the biggest cheeese on toast we have ever seen. The bread was less of a doorstop more of a door to bank vault
It was overcast but it's still a balmy steamy heat so heading to the beach seemed fitting. Japan has it's fair share of beach posers and surf dudes blaring hip-hop from their suped up toyota's and suburu's as we discovered on arriving at Kisumi beach.

We had a great swim in the pacific which to our pleasant surprise was quit cold. I did a bit of body surfing but the waves weren't up to much.

This evening we stumbled on a ritual tuna cook off in the town centre. Quite something to see 6 men lifting a fish the size of a pig.

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