Wednesday, September 12, 2007

off to Bristol

The spider robot as featured in Chemical Garden in 2000

Today we are off to Bristol, in fact we should be on our way but getting together arts council applications etc... boring stuff, so late leaving.

I haven't added anything to the blog for a while as couldn't find the password, but ai are on the move again. This time to the Offload festival in bristol where we are doing a school's workshop with a Bristol primary school on Friday, designing mobile games that involve exercise and different sensors, we are taking down our spider robots, webcams, pedometers and heart rate monitors to get their imaginations excited and maybe they will design some cool games.

On Saturday we are running Dragons at the Watershed, so if you are down in Bristol and want to plug your heart in and explore come to the Watershed 10am-4pm

Should all be fun, we met the organisers Teresa and Kathy in Cambridge, more than an arts festival, see the web address

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