Saturday, December 08, 2007

Day 5 - talking and dancing

me with our video, Marcelo, Martin and Paulo at Lov.e and the burlesque dancer

yesterday i woke up with a hangover as I have done today too. just recovering now!

remembered that it was the day of the talk and spent the morning preparing. I got to SESC about midday and Marcelo took me to the Japanese restaurant for lunch and I managed to be a little less of a pig this time.

The Art and Technology session that i was in was pretty amazing. All the artists were so exciting and such high quality work and great ideas. Then there was a video conference with ITP in New York and again some really cool presentations. Then we all sat on stage and had a discussion with the guys in New York, each other and the audience. It was great, talked about some fantastic things that I can't remember about now, too little sleep I think.

The audience was really interesting. There were alot of teachers and academics of course. After the discussion a woman (a teacher and speech therapist I think) came up to me and said I love you! How amazing. It feels like people here are crying out for exciting ideas. I also spoke to a teacher who works in the north with young kids and orphans, mainly from native brazilian backgrounds. She wants us to do a project with her! Wow. So I might have got us a gig in the Bahia.

Went back to the hotel for a quick rest and then out again, found a lebanese restuarant with Gabe and Martin, luckily I only had starters (which seemed to really confuse the overly attentive waiter, who insisted on dishing out portions). Then we went off to Lov.e for the "party". We went into the pre-club bar which was completly mad. A burlesque suicide girls bar. All the waiters had tatoos and there was a semi naked burlesque dancer. Rich Paulistas at play! Sat drinking Caiprinhas and Caiprirushkas (with vodka), the alcohol measures here are frightening. Had a vodka and coke that was in a long glass and was 3/4 vodka. It was a sponsored free bar in the bar and club ALL NIGHT. mmmm.

We then went to the club next door, which was pretty good. A dj/vj from the festival was playing some good techno and had good visuals, we danced until 6am. Which explains how I feel now after 4 hours sleep. Off for lunch in a minute. Don't want to miss anything.

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