Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dragons in Berlin... nearly there

This weekend we have made the introductory film for Dragons, are tweaking code and graphics and testing equipment.

Various issues have hindered us, noteably the government making a new policy for surfing the internet on mobile phones which resulted in all the mobile networks implementing under 18 safeguards for everyone that in Orange's case is very hard to have removed. Involving showing photo ID to prove my age (unfortunately way beyond 18) and having to wait several days, it appears this still hasn't worked to enable us to send and receive data to our game via GPRS so we are now working with the guys at Mixed Reality Lab on a work around. Much time wasted at the Orange shop arguing about my rights as an older person to play my own game!

Filming in Sherwood forest was fun, and thanks to Stuart and Steven for their help. Strange things appearing in the trees...

We are off tomorrow to berlin and will keep in touch throughout the week.
Rachel (AI)

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