Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Second Day in Berlin

We are all here and setting up at the theatre. As ever we have had frustrating times with GPS / GPRS and happy times with the monster and generaly buzzing around Berlin. What a great city. Full of waste lands and graffitti and anarchy and new euroland type developments that can't be filled with people...

Our hotel is one of those boutique hotels with designer art and rose petals everywhere, and great breakfast, cheese, pickles, boiled eggs. There is the whole team here, me, Matt, Robin and Leif. We have Fabian who is helping us and the whole Trampoline team. Frank is also here in his wellies, recreating his garden in Nottingham in the HAU2 theatre auditorium. (see his BLOG)

Last night we went to Checkpoint charlie where one of the artworks from the festival is being projected on a wall behind the picture of the soldier. It is beautiful it blows in the wind and drops leaves effected by sensors. We drunk beer, gin and schnapps with the trampoline crew, spent some time with Miles and Annette who seem ok despite the burden on the festival on them.

Today we are doing tests with the multiplayer game, getting the global interface ready and sorting out the layout of the "medical room" where players relax and the theatre space... tomorrow night we launch.

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