Tuesday, November 14, 2006

AI is clearing out 10 years of stuff.

If there is widgit, a cable, a camera or office furniture that you are searching for it may just be in the pile of stuff we are getting rid of. Email us at info@i-am-ai.net if you are interested...

The list includes...
A walkman
Computer monitors and bits
3 bags of AV cables
2 Ikea high stools
3 large wooden desks (made from fire doors)
3 mike stands
a digital 8 camera and posh camera bag
an old Kodak digital camera
an LED display screen
a star wars puzzle
a small IKEA sofa
a coffee table

Please email us if you want to have a look through and see what bargains you can pick up.
Please pass this on to anyone you think may be looking for this kind of stuff...

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