Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nearly all moved

The server at our secret location.

We have nearly moved all our stuff from our office in the Fashion Design Studios to a secret location in Nottingham.

Our base will be in Broadway which is our official postal address and no doubt we will be found lurking in the corridors there... but our admin base is moving to a secret location.

Meanwhile, we start filming for the Equal Project on Saturday with our trusty team from Leicester (the original Peepul in the Making group) - Bhanu Mistry, Ken Hugget, Stuart Corley and the new member of the group Neeta Chohan. With the help of Jim Boxall and John Ross, the film makers.

Love City testing starts next week too, where we will be sending students from Derby, Leicester and Nottingham out to test the prototype of the game, should be fun...

Taiwan appears to be postponed, which gives us time to properly evaluate Dragons and make a new video about Berlin and the game... and put together our plans for UK domination, or a tour.

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