Saturday, February 24, 2007

All is go for AI

These last two months have been madness in our office, where we are working away at Love City, 'Ere Be Dragons and the other stuff we have on.

Love City is now live and messages of love are flying between the cities of Derby, Leicester and Nottingham as we speak... all live at

Wednesday we are off to San Francisco to make our fortunes, with a stick and a handkercheif full of PDA's and heart rate monitors. We are taking 'Ere Be Dragons to the Games Development Conference, representing Hewlett Packards mediascape tool at the conference. We are off for 10 days so will keep track here on the BLOG.

Other things going on alongside all the two big projects, finishing off the Equal project, John Ross and Jim Boxall are editing the films so that we can get them set up on the PDA's and let people loose in Belgrave (Leicester, UK) watching the films as they walk about.

'Ere Be Dragons is also going to Cambridge in April as part of the _ENTER festival. And Dreaming of the Future is still live

So I'm back to testing our new bluetooth heart rate monitors

See you in San Fran...

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