Friday, April 20, 2007

Final photos from San Francisco

Although it was over a month ago and we became incredibly slack at doing any blogging, here are the final pictures of San Francisco.

The workload took over from blogging and all that fun stuff and we got absorbed by the games developers conference. Overall it was a wonderful challenging experience. We were put in the centre of the Hewlett Packard Booth, to showcase their new Mediascape application through our game.

We ended up showing the single player game as it is the most robust version and after some issues with networks it felt like the most appropriate in that environment. It complimented well with Tom's presentations on how Mediascape worked and from our evaluation that took place afterwards it appeared that it was very well received. Certainly lots of exhilarated smiley faces returned from playing in the streets around the Moscone Centre, many "awesomes" (although it seemed a often repeated response all around the trade fair). Being squashed between Nintendo and Nokia Ngage was a good buzz, particularly when people pointed out that our game was one of the only innovative and new things there. Finally and probably most importantly for us, Hewlett Packard's commercial side response was very positive and interested.

Here is a BLOG response and video from one of the testers from the development test prior to the demo at GDC.
Alex Vorbau's HP blog

After the long week of testing and demo-ing our gang got pretty close from hanging out in the Hilton.

We had a last day of relaxing, cycled all the way to some Redwood trees, over the Golden Gate bridge, to Sausalito and then off to some surburban park with some redwood trees, we got lost too many times to get to the real forest. I was on the back of a tandem with Capra which was quite amusing / scary...

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