Saturday, July 14, 2007

an alpine view and a trip to Japan

These are exciting times at AI.

We have now moved into a studio with a view... see the Alpine scene, with a secret door that leads to the world beyond the mountains... or Caroline's room.

We are preparing for our trip to Japan, flying out on Tuesday 24th (for me after a weekend at a festival in Wales, I will be glad for the 12hour flight!)

We are taking the single player version of 'Ere Be Dragons to Dislocate in Tokyo and Yokohama. We are hoping to add a system to play back people's games so that they can see the re-run in real time when they return.

We are also showing our new Dragons film (still being filmed) at a gallery in Ginza and will be playing the games on the streets of Yokohama.

...then we are off on a holiday to Kyoto, Fuji (what a dream!) and maybe even an island to a beach for a couple of days if we have time.

We will try and BLOG along the way...

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