Sunday, July 29, 2007

end of the festival

The last two days have been great. Full on, and full of conference stuff. Have began to get to know the group of artists that are attending the conference, it has worked out more like a lab really as there isn't much of a bigger audience, but that has been great, some very cool people, from Korea, Japan, England, Canada, Australia, German, Serbian...

Alot of talking, although I have spent most of the time running the demo of Dragons which went really well, although not many people, but the people who came where just off the street, spending their weekend at an arts festival, some young couples, a chinese business man, some of the festival people. Most of the time I didn't have an interpreter and most people speak only a little more English than I speak Japanese (and I can only really say three words, hello thankyou and desert) but have managed to communicate and people seem to have enjoyed it so that is ok. One person didn't understand wait a moment and ran off in excitement, ending up playing the game whilst looking at the set up screen which couldn't have been very exciting but apart from that it seems surprisingly easy for people to play here. Probably helps that games consoles are massive here and then graphics are quite cutesy which is the big thing here.

Two amazing nights. Saturday night a group of us headed off across Tokyo to a massive fireworks festival, which we missed, but got to see the people, millions of people in kimonos and cool cutesy clothes, a fair, a temple, a thing that tells your fortune involving chopsticks in silver boxes, and fortunes in a chest of draws.

Last night involved getting very pissed, laughing at the phrase books interpretation on how to chat people up shag them (it's ok I can help myself??) (particularly the English and Koreans) and eating a 10 course meal and getting back to the hotel at 4pm.

Today we are going to start our adventures. Not sure where we are heading. The sea, the mountains and Kyoto is far as we have got.

Off to say goodbye to InYong who we have been hanging out with, and then off we go.

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