Tuesday, July 31, 2007

off to the mountains

just getting ready to go off to see Fuji. have booked a ryotan which is a tradional japanese inn with a view of fuji over the lake.
we stayed in an inn here in kyoto, was great, just like in karate kid when Ralph Macchio went to Japan. a mat on the floor, a table with tea all layed out, all feng shui and stuff.

yesterday went to the most beautiful calm place either of us had ever been to, a temple, with this rock layout of 15 rocks that you can:t see all at once but had to try and see all together in your mind. the trees, and moss and lakes, and bridges jsut made your head clear. we going all buddhist.

then went all seady went to gion where the geishas are, didn`t see any but lots of things going on behind wooden slats in traditional houses by the river, and lots of bars that we couldn@t quite get. ended up in a really horrible english/american bar and got pissed and ranted about facism and psychopaths.

then went back to the quiet calm of the ryotan.

Kyoto is a great place. will try and find internet in the mountains, but may jsut go very zen and forget all about technology and modern life.

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