Friday, August 03, 2007

Fuji to the coast

It's been sometime since we have been able to add to the blog. We are now in Shimoda a little fishing village 50km from Tokyo. It's very relaxing, a bit like Padstow or Abersoch, Japan style. I am siting in a western style bar listening to funk and sipping on a Kirin in front of the largest Mac screen I ever seen.

We spent 2 nights in Fuji Kawaguchi-ko. The Lake district of Japan. We spent an amazing but sweaty day hiking in the mountains around Fuji-san. We didn't bother with cliumbing Fuji as the main reason for going there is to see Fuji not climb up up miles of volcanic sand. Call me lazy but that's my excuse.

We saw an ancient cave full of Shinto prayer flags and offerings and walked through "the sea of trees" which is an amazing forest around fuji which stretches forever. Japan has some really beautiful country side. Because it is either city or countryside you get the best of both. The cities are huge and dense and the country is endless and empty.

Shimodo is great. We are here for 2 nights then back to Tokyo for shopping and then home. Hopefully get some swimming and beach life (although it's raining at the moment but humid as hell).

I have included the weirdest advert. I have no idea what it means. But it's great.

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