Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rachel's first day blog

Photos: Matt tired on the metro, hotel room, in the restuarant, in the bar, Matt, Sasha and Christian.

A day of travelling, three films - walk the line for the second time, a slushy american one and Factory Girl, lots of cabin fever on a BA flight (how little room, and i'm already little).
Met Christian (one of the other artists) at customs, he was on the same flight, and we all took the train to Tokyo (lots of rice fields, industrial buildings and tons and tons of houses most wth curvy rooves, some bright blue, glistening in the sunshine).
It's hot, very hot, makes you sweat. No rain, which is amazing, just hot and blue sky, although hazy.
We are in a very posh hotel. small rooms, but you get your own house slippers and night shirts and it is all very Japanese and beautiful details.
We walked to the Imperial Palace (round the corner from the hotel) and then got too hungry so found a canteen and very bravely chose a picture of random looking food, luckily one of the dishes was vegetarian (as far as I could tell). I have decided to eat seafood if I have no choice while I am here, although I am not sure how much I can stomach. Then found a place to have a coffee that made no difference to the intense tiredness.
All the devices are charging and I am going to have a sleep and try not to dream of Bill Murray in Lost in Translation with a red mohican, which is a recurring dream I am having at the moment.
Went for a meal in Ginza with Emma (the festival organiser), the other artists and the gallery curator. Was in a rabbit warren of a restaurant, with sitting down in an alcove seats (matt sat crossed legged for ages before he realised there was a pit underneath the table to hang your legs down. With Emma being vegan, they managed to order vegetarian and vegan food, silken tofu with spice and ice, egg that was sweet and savoury in only the way an egg can be.
Popped into Ginza art lab on the way, the smallest gallery in the world, about as big as my bathroom. But in Ginza and very contemporary. I sat next to the curators who were very interesting, the main guy Ken studied at Nottingham Trent!
Went to a bar afterwards for a very sleepy final drink of the night.
Dreamt all night of wierd things, proper jet lagged sleep, I killed a person and made them into sushi and was found out when a dog found their scalp, arghhh, feel very strange now, time for breakfast.

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