Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Active Ingredient gets in the press and other stuff

Since getting the Nokia award I have been feverishly sending out press releases and attempting to get information out about Heartlands (which is the newest version of 'Ere Be Dragons). It is working and so far we have featured in:

Independent on Sunday Review (21/10/07) p.8 Trends
We are also writing a feature for The Broadsheet, a Nottingham website.

A copy of the press release can be found on at in the YOU section.

Other than awards, press and admin, things are relatively slow here. We started work on our new project Them and Us, working with (the also award winning) Michael Pinchbeck, writer of the play the "White Album". This development work will soon be online on our new website Active Imagination, which will track our ideas, be a place for people to be able collaborate with us and add their ideas, and generally play a bit more...

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