Friday, October 05, 2007

Winners Nokia Mindtrek Award

Award Winning Team
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On Wednesday we received first prize in the Nokia Mindtrek Awards for Ubi-Media (meaning media embedded into everyday objects and activities). Cheesy grins for everyone. The event was held at the Hotel Scandic Rosendahl in Tampere, Finland. the second largest city in Finland and very close to the town of Nokia!
We had a great time and particularly enjoyed the little medieval trumpet blast that accompanied every winners announcement.
Our last day was spent site seeing. We visited the Lenin Museum ( huge building ,very small exhibition) and the Moomin Valley Museum which was great and brought back many happy memories of childhood. The adventures of MoominTroll , Snufkin and the scary Hattifatteners were all shown in original ink drawings and little dioramas of their adventures. Great. The only low point was as I was taking a picture of a Bronze statue of MoominTroll outside the museum a man attempted to beat me up. Thinking I was taking pictures of him ( although the camera was right in front of the statue). I missed a slap but he got a glancing kick to my arm. For a brief few seconds I thought he was an undercover cop and I had broken a sacred law regarding taking pictures of Moomins. Were they worshipped like gods? Was I stealing their soul with my spirit catcher? Then I realised I was hungover and he was clearly just a mentalist, not a guardian of Moomins.


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