Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Misty day in Finland

It is morning in Finland. I am looking out of my window at the mist, and autumnal trees. Rumour has it there is a lake next to the hotel, but the mist is hiding any water. So far Finland seems to be mainly water and trees, although I haven't actually left the hotel yet.

Matt and Capra are out playing, testing GPS. Infact they just got back. Capra reckons he won, but he is so competitive he always thinks he's won. Supposedly the lake is beautiful, will go out once this is all done. Robin is asleep as normal, supposedly Matt snored all night and kept him awake. Leif is working as normal, in his room, keeping out of the way.

I have been named the queen of the geeks, being one of two women at breakfast. hopefully there will be other women at the conference, not that I am really complaining, in fact I am enjoying myself very much...

we are doing a demo this afternoon and then this evening the award party is happening at the hotel night club. woohoo. we have no idea what to expect. The hysteria has already started, me, matt, capra and robin all holed up in my hotel room winding each other up, matt farting... need to get out in the mist and get some fresh air.

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eva said...

Aw, the bit about competitiveness made me giggle - as did the bit about Robin being asleep!

Hope you're all having a most excellent time, mistyness sounds better than Nottingham drizzle anyway.

Hope the awards (and afterparty) are fun!

Eva xx