Wednesday, December 12, 2007

last day

Pictures: graffitti at Vila Madelena, a dalek disguised as a very large christmas tree, bananas at the market, a fortune telling parrot in the Japanese Barrio
I am back now in freezing england.

on the last day Paulo took me to the Japanese barrio, where we wandered around shops and stalls and watched some Taiko/samba drumming. we found more graffitti.. We then went to meet Marcelo for lunch and talk about some future collaborations, ideas and work. Lots of things to think about on the plane. Then got driven to the airport in a bullet proof taxi, which was a wierd, I couldn't take photos as wasn't allowed to open the windows as I got to see more of endless Sao Paulo...

my sister in law met me at heathrow and her and my brother looked after me until I got over the tiredness, what a treat!

I am looking forward to going back soon and trying to keep some of the Sao Paulo summer in my mind...

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