Sunday, May 18, 2008

good morning from Paris

It is morning, looking out over the roofs of Paris and eating madelines, coffee brewing. The Matt's are complaining of feeling rough as...

Yesterday was a very excitable day, much random French words and wandering through North East Paris finding the various venues of the festival. The Main's D'Ouevres is in a cool area (quartier) which is the Marchee Au Puces, the flea market lots of winding streets and things to look at. Be fun to play the game there. Set up was fine, although some new problems with the global interface but sure they will be sorted by Tuesday, nothing fatal. The new kit and version is so far so good.

Lots of walking good for my bad knees and the 5 flights of stairs to get to our apartment, pretty much back to normal now which is a big relief.

Went to Christian Nold's launch at Ars Longa, meet with the festival gang, made some new found friends from France, Canada, Germany and Finland (although Juha we had meet before in Bristol last year).

Went for a long meal involving a mixture of alcoholic celebrations of Matt W's birthday involving origami and I don't know what. We deliberated drinking champagne by the canal but stumbled back to the flat.

Weather good, stormy, sunny, view of Sacre Couer from our window perfect.


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