Friday, October 27, 2006

It all ran away with us!

After the first day of Dragons at Hau 2 in Berlin we didn't stop, running up and down the stairs backstage, taking players out to walk the streets of Berlin, discover the dragons and monsters out there and in their own hearts...

It went well, we had about 50 players in the end, which considering we were limited to 4 an hour was pretty good going, lots of interesting people had a go, some kids cam for their birthday treat, lots of clever art bods, a couple discovered an Indian restuarant they had been looking for for years and we got our highest score yet, from Hans the technician at Hau - over 3000 points.

We also met lots of cool people from Berlin, the Trampoline team out there where great, we had a good meal at Hau on the second night, and even managed to sneak off to see a little of the Pictoplasma conference going on at the same time (that Ellie and John from Nottingham where at), and we did make it to a cool bar on the last night for tequilas... until I fell asleep in a drunken tired stupor, still haven't made it to a night of hard techno in Berlin!

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