Monday, November 06, 2006

Back in Blighty

So now we are back, we've had a couple of weeks to recover and prepare for the next big thing.

We are waiting with baited breath to receive confirmation of our proposed trip to Taiwan, planned for December to show Dragons at the Third Pblic Art Festival in Taipai. We are getting somewhere towards a bluetooth heart rate monitor with a smart phone and are simplifying the whole project, so we hope we get a chance to try it out underneath the tallest building in the world (with extreme GPS shadow to interrupt the game play no doubt!)

We are looking closer to home and are moving... more to come on this but lets just say it is getting quite exciting as we plan to go back to our artist roots, spend more time away from the computer - planning Love City, Dragons for touring and some new projects that are even more interactive, performative, cinematic and whatever else takes our fancy.

Sadly Zini will be leaving AI in January, just as we hit our 10th birthday! So me and Matt will be busy keeping it all going in a more artistic direction - of course with the help of Robin who is a permanent, associate member of AI, Leif and the rest of the Mixed Reality Lab guys at Nottingham Uni, and all the other lovely people we work with and drag into our wierd world.

We still do commercial design stuff but Matt is the man to speak to about that...

10th annivisary ideas are being pushed around, we've got to celebrate having survived the world of art, new media and all that for this long and still trying... party ideas welcome on a postcard (or posted comment)!

... so where will we go next?

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