Friday, March 02, 2007

A long day in San Francisco

Breakfast in the 50s diner - I ate all that!!!, Hilton lobby

It is 10.56pm, everyone in England must be just getting up. I am ready for sleep.

Today has been the difficult day, there is always one with these kind of projects. Lots of Good News Bad News. The bad news being that GPRS to set up the multi player game is not as simple as the research that was done for us before we arrived. We can't access the internet from the PDAs without paying for a full years contract (total costs would be around £1000) for 10 players and we can't even buy this because we don't have social security numbers in the US. Not enough time really to sort it out through HP. Also the heart rate monitors got stuck in customs and wont be here until Tuesday, the day we go live.

The good news is there are other options, maybe wifi, maybe use our UK sim cards as it still will be cheaper.

The day started well, meeting in the lobby of the Hilton and off for the largest breakfast known to mankind, disgusting but oh so nice. Fiddling with sim cards for me, Tom and Capra and sorting out some of the new version of the game for Matt, Robin and Leif. They got stuck in the hotel room all day, great view though.

The day has ended in exhaustion and with a huge mexican meal. I can feel my stomach stretching everytime I eat, it's scary how easy it is to expand to the food. Tomorrow I am getting up to do exercises and I am eating fruit and salad all day!

Everyone has worked so hard today and is so commited, it is really amazing to be working with such a brilliant team of people, with usch difficult technology that just hasn't been used in this way very much before. Leif and Robin are still working at the hotel back on Love City which of course is still going on back in Blighty...

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