Sunday, February 24, 2008

AI off to Newcastle

The Fantasy A-List Generator
Broadcast Yourself, AV Festival 08
Watch Live Online at:
Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
28th Feb - 8th March
Active Ingredient have been commissioned to bring back MakeTV (the live broadcasting project) for the AV Festival.
They have created the Fantasy A-List Generator, a live video booth were members of the public are invited to take on the personality of a randomly generated celebrity and be interviewed live on the internet.
We all have answers to the big questions in our heads. Now is the time to take over from the world's celebrities and go live on the Internet with your own answers.
Broadcast Yourself will also be showing at the Cornerhouse, Manchester 13th June - 10th August.

We are off to Newcastle tomorrow to set up for the AV Festival. It's a great opportunity to be able to revisit an old project that I suppose we thought was thrown out by YouTube. Broadcast Yourself is celebrating artists contribution to internet video and so it is very exciting that Sarah Cook and Kathy Rae Huffman (the curators) wanted to include us because of Moon Radio webTV and MakeTV.

We have 6 days in Newcastle, they are putting us up in a flat which will be nice, the launch is on Thursday evening. AV Festival looks massive, a huge programme around broadcast.

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