Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First day in the windy city

Big winds in Newcastle, lucky we got here last night as they closed all the bridges and trucks have been turning over. I had fun shopping for last minute props, the wind caught a bag and broke a picture frame, not quite as scary as a truck turning over mind you

Set up today started frustrating, the internet wasn't working (as ever on at least one day of a set up) the microphone doesn't work on the computers that we are using... but by the afternoon most things were sorted out, the webcam and Matt's special red button are now all fitted thanks to Jem and Pete, the video booth looks nice and cosy, with a particularly fetching Wilkos curtain on the back wall and most importantly the interface works fine (only a little bit of tweaking required tomorrow) although Robin is unwell in bed in Nottingham and we are still in need for the uptodate live player, hope he's better tomorrow!

It will all go live Thursday afternoon in time for the launch.

Left the gallery about 7pm and got locked out the flat so waited for Matt in a bar, we are staying in China Town which is great until this time of night when hoards of drunken Jordies swarm past the bedroom window, shouting and puking. It's a great area despite this, really old cobbled streets. Although confirms all my doubts about this contemporary modern living thing.

Went on to a Chinese restuarant with huge portions, i ordered a strawberry pearl for experiment sake, it's a strawberry milkshake with sweets in the bottom that, as you suck through the straw shoot like bullets into your mouth. I enjoyed it very much.

last night we met Sarah the curator and got whisked off to a bar and then Wagamama's where we met most of the AV festival team, was nice to meet everyone some familiar faces and many new, should be a good festival.

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