Monday, June 09, 2008

Stuck indoors when the sun is shining

I am writing from a small room, behind a booth, in the corner of the cornerhouse, Manchester. The sun is shining through a door and we are sitting getting stuffy setting up for the Fantasy A-List Generator as part of the Broadcast Yourself which was on in Newcastle and is now touring to Manchester.

It brings back good memories and we are missing Zini and Gareth even more than normal as this is where our first big show was in 2001 with Chemical Garden, we are even in the same gallery space and I keep hearing the sound track from the installation in my head, this small cupboard where we are working from is creating a wierd time warp. I seem to remember spending most of the set up for Chemical Garden in the shed with a computer, some things never change!

Set up was going well until we decided to delete parts of the database and stop everything working, so now we are time wasting and catching up on emails until the server is restored and we can try again.

We have a very fancy apartment opposite Canal Street which I am looking forward to crashing in after not much sleep over the weekend and a day of gardening!

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zini said...

Hey Matt and Rachel - do remember the old days of Chemical Garden and sweating it out at the Cornerhouse - half from the stress of getting everything working and partly due to all the curry we were consuming down the Curry Mile! Amazingly you guys still flying the Active Ingredient flag and continue to develop exciting projects - so proud of you. Keep it up. Love Zini