Saturday, October 04, 2008


It has been a quiet summer at AI. Fantasy A-List had a succesful run at the Cornerhouse in Manchester and we have been doing alot of development work on new projects. Planning the Dark Forest (a project between us and Mobilefest) due to happen in Sherwood Forest and the Amazon rainforest and continuing work on Them and Us, due to go to a residency at Kingston University in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile me and Matt are working on various individual projects and are setting up a new company Mudlark alongside continuing our work with Active Ingredient. This is with Toby Barnes and Charles Hunter. Looking at ways of commercialising our interactive media projects.

As part of this I am off on a week lab at a very fancy hotel in Skipton, called Crossover Labs. With a load of media types. Will keep a blog while I am there, should be interesting and a bit different from doing our art stuff.


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